Brand Name: Merolancer

Generic Name: Meropenem USP

Therapeutic Class: Carbapenem Antibiotics.

Indication: Merolancer is indicated for the treatment of Pneumonia and Nosocomial Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infections, Intra-abdominal Infections, Gynaecological Infections such as endometritis, Skin and Skin Structure Infections, Meningitis, Septicaemia, Empiric treatment for presumed infections in adult patients with febrile neutropenia and other polymicrobial infections.

Pack Size: Merolancer 1 gm IV injection: Each combi pack contains 1 vial of Meropenem 1 gm injection, 2 ampoule of 10 ml water for injection USP, sterile disposable syringe (20 ml), butterfly needle.

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